3 User-Friendly Functions Of The Best Portable AEDs

When someone is suffering from sudden cardiac arrest, the people around them have to act quickly to get their heart regenerated with electrical defibrillators. Unfortunately, most people do not have an automated external defibrillator on hand, but evolutions in technology have made heart defibrillation a more accessible thing in the form of portable AED (automated external defibrillator) devices. If you are investing in a portable AED for your business, home, or care facility, it is a must that it is user-friendly, or having it on hand during an emergency may not do a lot of good.

6 Factors To Consider When Performing Software Updates For Medical Equipment

Just as your smartphone and computer rely on regular updates to function properly and benefit from added features, today's medical equipment requires software updates for enhanced performance and usability. Modern medical devices also rely on software patches to fix issues found in older versions of medical devices. No matter what type of software update your medical devices need, extreme care should be taken throughout the entire process. There are numerous factors that could mean the difference between a successful software update and one that causes significant delays and excessive costs.

4 Tips To Make Administering Nebulizer Breathing Treatments To Children Easier

A nebulizer is is an electric-powered, small medical device that produces a fine mist of liquid and typically is used to make it possible to inhale medication. In many cases, nebulizer breathing treatments are administered when a child has asthma or a serious respiratory infection that is constricting the air ways and making it difficult for a child to breathe. While a nebulizer plays an important role in treating respiratory problems, that doesn't mean that children want to cooperate by breathing through the mouth piece or wearing the masks.

Starting A Small Daycare Over The Summer? Tips To Keep Kids Safe

If you plan to start a daycare center in your home this summer, you must go through many things before you open for business. Depending on your state requirements, you may need to obtain certification and licensing to operate. You may also need to make your daycare a safe place for children of all ages to attend. Here are two essential things you can do for your small daycare center to keep kids safe this summer.

Three Keys For Medical Safety Standards

When you work in the medical industry, it's important for you to truly get the ins and outs of operating safely. The more time and energy that you put into keeping your practice, your personnel, and your patients safe and sound, the better your business will be for it. There are some strategies that you can put time into if this is what you are looking for. In that regard, read on and follow these steps:

Tips For Renting A Wheelchair For Your Next Vacation

Needing to use a wheelchair on a regular basis doesn't mean that you can't travel and see the world. But in many cases, traveling with your own wheelchair can be difficult. A simple solution is to rent a wheel chair when you arrive at your destination. If you plan on renting a wheelchair during an upcoming vacation or trip, use the following tips: Contact the Tourism Board While there are many companies across the world that offer short-term wheelchair rentals, you may not know how to find them.

3 Ways To Incorporate A Veterinary Ultrasound In Your Practice

As a veterinarian, like one at Keebovet, you know the importance of using an ultrasound in your practice. Unfortunately, some pet owners might not see the same value in the diagnostic tool and could shy away from having their pets examined. If you are having problems with incorporating the ultrasound into your practice and convincing pet owners of its necessity, here are some tips that can help.  Train Your Staff