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4 Tips To Make Administering Nebulizer Breathing Treatments To Children Easier

A nebulizer is is an electric-powered, small medical device that produces a fine mist of liquid and typically is used to make it possible to inhale medication. In many cases, nebulizer breathing treatments are administered when a child has asthma or a serious respiratory infection that is constricting the air ways and making it difficult for a child to breathe. While a nebulizer plays an important role in treating respiratory problems, that doesn't mean that children want to cooperate by breathing through the mouth piece or wearing the masks. Use the following tips to make it easier to administer a nebulizer treatment:

Create a Routine

Most children respond well to structure, so making nebulizer breathing treatments a part of your daily routine can be very beneficial. Try to administer the nebulizer breathing treatment at the same time and in the same place each day. It should not take long for your child to become accustomed to the nebulizer treatments when they know what to expect.

Make It Fun

Sitting still for an extended period of time for a nebulizer breathing treatment doesn't sound like a lot of fun for a child. Thus, you will need to be creative in making the breathing treatments a time that your child associates with fun. While the nebulizer treatment is being administered, sing songs, play games, or bring out special toys that are only played with during nebulizer treatments. You many also want to consider allowing your child to watch his or her favorite television show or play a game on his or her tablet during nebulizer treatments in order to form positive associations.

Invest in a Nebulizer Designed for Children

There are many models of nebulizers on the market. While some simply look like small machines, others are specifically designed to be used by children. These nebulizers are often colorful or in the shape of cute animals, which makes them more appealing to kids. In many cases, insurance companies cover the cost of a nebulizer that is designed for children.

Make Your Child a Part of the treatment

Small children often want to feel like they have some level of control over a situation. You can improve cooperation during a nebulizer breathing treatment by allowing your child to assist you and participate. Let your child help you insert the tubing and get the mouthpiece or mask set up. It can also be helpful to allow your child to hold the mask or mouthpiece for the duration of the treatment. 

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