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Starting A Small Daycare Over The Summer? Tips To Keep Kids Safe

If you plan to start a daycare center in your home this summer, you must go through many things before you open for business. Depending on your state requirements, you may need to obtain certification and licensing to operate. You may also need to make your daycare a safe place for children of all ages to attend. Here are two essential things you can do for your small daycare center to keep kids safe this summer.

Take Advanced Emergency Care Classes

Emergency care classes or courses are essential for daycare operators and workers. The courses often include basic training in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and first aid. Both training techniques allow you to save the lives of the children in your care. However, if you wish to learn more than the basic lifesaving techniques of CPR and first aid, you'll need to take advanced courses.

Advanced courses may teach you how to prevent allergic reactions in children who have problems with peanuts and other nuts. Some children experience dangerous reactions to peanuts just by inhaling their odors. Knowing how and why some children experience severe reactions can help you prevent them from occurring in the first place.

Even if you instruct parents to not bring in peanut butter sandwiches or other items with nuts to the daycare, some parents may forget. Some food items may also contain the oils of nuts, so check the labels of food containers and other packages before you allow them inside your center.

If possible, design and print flyers for the parents of your daycare charges. The flyers can remind parents of the center's rules against certain food items. To avoid conflict with anyone, be sure to explain your reasons for the requirements. You can also set aside time to speak with parents individually if they have concerns about the flyers or their requirements.

After you obtain the emergency care training you need, take additional steps to safeguard your daycare.

Obtain Multiple Emergency Care Kits

It's essential that you keep an emergency care kit in each area of your daycare, including in the bathroom and on the playground. Emergency kits allow you to store small bandages, antibiotic creams and ointments, alcohol swabs, and other basic care items. After you obtain your basic emergency kits, you'll need to obtain special kits for storms, power outages, and other serious problems.

The special kits should contain everything you need to get through a storm, including flashlights and batteries. Be sure to change or check the items on a regular basis. Although most batteries are built to last, some batteries can weaken or lose power over time.

The kits may also contain first aid supplies, such as splints and ankle wraps. The first aid supplies allow you to stabilize and protect injuries that can become infected or worse without immediate medical care. You want to keep the caregivers and children in your daycare safe until you can obtain medical care.

Also, store small bottles of water and other fluids inside the kits. You can use the water to hydrate the kids in your daycare as well as wash and treat wounds. Place your kits in a cool place to keep the water fresh until you need them.

If you need assistance with finding or building your emergency kits, contact a medical equipment and supplier right away. A supplier can help you choose kits in bulk that work well for your daycare center. A supplier may also assist you with any other emergency supplies you might need during the summer months.

You can make your daycare safer this summer by contacting a medical equipment supplier today.