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3 Ways To Incorporate A Veterinary Ultrasound In Your Practice

As a veterinarian, like one at Keebovet, you know the importance of using an ultrasound in your practice. Unfortunately, some pet owners might not see the same value in the diagnostic tool and could shy away from having their pets examined. If you are having problems with incorporating the ultrasound into your practice and convincing pet owners of its necessity, here are some tips that can help. 

Train Your Staff

When discussing the reasoning for an ultrasound, it is imperative that your staff know exactly what using the tool entails and how it will be beneficial to a pet. If your staff is unable to convey the importance of the ultrasound to pet owners, there could be doubt about whether or not it is medically necessary.  

An easy way to ensure the staff is fully trained on the ultrasound and its necessity is to have an on-site training session. Depending on your medical supplier, you might be able to get the training included with the purchase of the ultrasound. By having a trainer present on-site, you can be sure everyone who needs to has attended a session and they are up-to-date on the tool and its uses.  

Commit to Using It Daily

Throughout the course of the day, a number of your patients will have need for an ultrasound. However, if the tool is new to your practice, remembering to take advantage of it can be a problem. To ensure you and your staff are getting the most out of it, there needs to be a daily commitment to using it at least once.  

A great way to track the usage of the ultrasound is to keep a log. The more your staff uses it, the more likely pet owners are to accept the recommendation that it be used.  

Talk to the Owner In-Depth About the Reasoning

Although a pet owner is concerned with the health of his or her pet, he or she also has to worry about the costs of each procedure conducted. A pet owner could shy away from the procedure if he or she does not fully understand what you are looking for during the ultrasound. To help convince the pet owner to agree to the procedure, you need to make the reasoning plain for him or her.  

For instance, you could explain that there is an abnormal mass that was found during the examination, and it could be a sign of a more serious issue. If you plan to operate on the pet, you can explain that the ultrasound is crucial to mapping out the procedure.  

Talk to your medical supplier about other ways you can better incorporate the ultrasound into your practice.